Happy Birthday Kim!!!!

Somebody is turning another  year older.And I am so blessed I got to share it with her right at this very moment.

It was during the winter of 2008 at TSC Great Lakes,Illinois when I first met her. Clearly, It was the Filipino Mafia that brought every new Filipino recruits in United States Navy. Many can attest to that so I don’t think I need to expound more.

After spending some time in Great Lakes,after all the karaoke days and nights, the sleepovers,the themed park moments in Wisconsin,the lunch out’s at that small Filipino Restaurant,the grilling at mang Totoy’s,the boozin and all the crazy stuffs. We find ourselves bidding goodbye one by one to our circle of friends. Some went to Virginia,some in San Diego,some in Florida,some in Hawaii,some in Washington,some in  Sasebo/Okinawa but lucky for us we both were sent to Yokosuka,Japan. Not on the same boat but at least on the same Base.I left the Training School first before her but never really had a chance to say goodbye because we are not in the same school house.

Days and months went by in Japan and I just find myself  hanging out with her all the time.

Oh,I can still remember clearly our first trip in Kamakura then to Disneyland,to Tokyo,to Yokohama to Honcho!! All of those memories are still intact. Good old times indeed!! Thank you Lord

And the rest is history.The story of  how our friendship blossomed was tested with time as well as in distance.

Here are some facts and some experiences that you may know or not know about Kim.

She loves pasta (creamy garlic Alfredo), sea foods (shrimp,king crabs,shells and fish),eggs with onions,Tabasco,shiracha,all the street foods in Agoo, she can eat wings all day and once she craves for something she will do anything to have it,when she say she wants to drink it means wine and margarita, she can’t sing but she will sing her lungs out,
NCIS-Law&order-shondaland and forevermore are her faves!!! She is not emotional but the movie “one more chance” can make her cry”.Aside from being movie fanatic. She is strong and independent woman. She is someone you can trust with your secrets and someone who will correct and motivates you if she thinks you needed one.
 Yes she is strong but her heart is fragile when it comes to loving someone. She gives her heart all the way and once she does that man must be out of his mind if he decided to let her go. (please be careful with her heart?)

These are just few of the things to know about her. But Kim,hey you!!! Please allow me to greet you a Happy Happy Blessed Birthday. Thank you for the friendship and for the help and love for me and to my family. Thank you for sharing your blessings as well as your life to me. Thank you for letting me go with you in La Union and for meeting my family in Cebu. It means so much to me.I am very proud of you EM1 Rafanan. 🙂 and I admire you for being a responsible daughter and a caring sister to your siblings. Continue to be good simple woman you are now and I hope and pray you will stay the same.
I will always be here for you Kim and I will always be that someone who will leave the crowd  to come and get you (because you were tipsy and heart broken ) I will always be that someone who can get  you a taxi so that we can go back to the hotel and rest even if the night is still young in ropponggi Tokyo. I am always here for you to vent out on anything and in anything. 
Again,I will and always will be until our hearts all worn out and our minds got amnesia. 🙂 Love you Kim
I thank God everyday  for bringing you in my life.
Remember God knows the desires of your heart. He will give it to you in the right time and in the right place. Hintay lang tayo!! (For the mean time let’s enjoy it and explore ourselves more and be better each day)
Enough with the dramas already haha!!!
Below are some birthday greeting pictures from your family and from our common friends.
(I tried to message each of our 45 mutual friends in FB,trust me I really did Lol. )
P.S Huge thank you for the everyone who took their time in taking photos and greetings for Kim.You guys rocks God bless you all. For Joyce and Ate erika. I wasn’t able to upload your videos here.Di pala pwede  mag-add ng video. I will post it asap! Salamat talaga

11081812_10205221056660505_1765051041_n 11116121_685780851531281_1601168532_n 11117782_928336177188844_1769625883_n 11122217_10206954792494933_1328211174_o 11129669_685780544864645_1255763268_o 11129704_685780581531308_876694213_o 11130664_1588378748114792_1150851843_n 11131914_928336757188786_1343766485_n 11131998_928336157188846_138914789_n 11132311_685788691530497_1783962458_o kim1 kim2 11103951_928336787188783_846147234_n 11093723_685779818198051_383354818_n (1) 11092598_928336763855452_1345870548_n 11091316_685780888197944_1075379161_n 11091196_928336750522120_2069668260_n11134429_10153237300682612_1572974616_n 11093288_10204022714709794_469016922_n

May these photos remind you that you are loved by many. You have touched our lives in your own way.

Happy birthday again. Capture life.Picture moments. Continue to make memories. Be happy always

God Bless you more



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