1600 hours.

She met him in a very unconventional way but it was ok. She felt that it was safer, more anonymous and less at stake. It was fun, very fun at the very beginning, she said.

Living in two different worlds, talking to him was like bliss to her, he was her escape, her land after a very long voyage, he became her calm seas after battling a vast raging angry ocean.

She said that there was this exhilarating rush of connection despite the opposite world they lived in. despite the distance and the time, despite the fact that she loves tinker bell and he adored Thomas Edison.

Granting all this and notwithstanding all the peculiarities they still managed to share same interest like how beautiful it is to live a simple life, how the seas can bring calmness into their soul and they somewhat agreed that watching the sun rises and its setting is more marvelous than fancy cars and houses and that staring at the moon and the stars in the night skies is pure and peaceful.

It was full of fascination she said, for couple of years of talking for hours at a time. It was easy for her to abandoned all the caution and restraint. One morning she found herself waking up happy…smiling! She had that certainty in her chest. It felt so right to share her secrets and fears…she poured it all out to him.

But then life happens… when everything seems to be going well, that one day came and changed it all. Everything just drifted apart. Like every human life,-there is death, like every race-there is a finish line, like how the leaf withered, like how the river runs dry, like how winter welcomes spring, like every rent-there is a due, like how fire shuts off without fueling it. Everything faded in a heart beat.

It went by quick and sudden, so hasty she didn’t even saw it coming. Everything became too fragile that leads to a burning bridges.

Today,After everything that has been said and done, she believed that it was supposed to happen.And hereafter she is now in a good state.

In behalf of her,  I want to say to you Mr.Green (today in your special day) that she is thankful to having the chance to meet you.

Thank you for stopping by in her life

Thank you for letting her into your life

Thank you for the trust

Thank you for investing your time and being there when she needed you

Thank you because she became “freely her” with you

Thank you …..And sorry if she failed you.

Sorry for the broken trust

She may not be the same person you’ve first met but rest assured she is much better place now. She is positive that you are too. She wishes you happiness that will also makes you stronger, stronger in a way of becoming more positive, more motivated, more successful and fearless.

P.S She is always praying for you  dude. God Bless!

And oh often times when the clock says 1600 she thinks of you 🙂

“At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.” ~ Albert Scweitzer

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