The Ripple Effect

They say that the simplest and the smallest of stone cast on a river will create a ripple. Circles connected to and dependent to each other. The river however has a life of its own. A constant flow passes above and below. No matter how may ripples the stone creates, the flow will always correct itself. It will always follow a bigger path and will always travel on what has been laid down by nature…by life.

People always come and go…others will decide to stay. They create unending ripples in the water. Some even went deeper under the water. But life has a bigger purpose and bigger world…connecting ripples by ripples….washing them them away on a single constant flow.

He believes that she created a ripple in his life. The kind of ripple of happy, exciting, and the up and down emotions on the water. The kind of ripple the created a sound on every turn of the water. Where he is now and she-on the other happy place now, as he believes is life taking them on that constant flow towards a bigger path, towards meeting other streams and rivers- flow and counter flow.

The ripple was not lost. It continues to flow on the water towards the bigger path. – Mr. Green

Above is definitely a raw story for me. It is one of those moment that won’t be forgotten because it serves as a living proof of how words and actions from just a day-late-friend and now-a-stranger could leave a ripple effect into someone else’s life.One encounter,once filled with emotions and yet, a life-worth remembering .

We cannot deny that sometimes we race through life unaware of the ripple that we are leaving.Unaware of the fact that we have a choice to make an impact into the people around us. That is why  I am writing this short blog to share the posture of my heart in this matter and to actively write the inner joy we can achieve just by leaving a trail of positivity;

Yes,we maybe be living in a world full of negativity – from the media, to sickness,to tragedies, to calamities even in relationships – we can say that there is a need to have  an effort to live our lives in more positive way.We need to open our eyes, in a way, that we can acknowledge the idea that we’re not in this world for ourselves and as soon as we begin to live in that vision through the lens of hope we will be awake into the reality of the impact we can make on to the lives of others.

That impact always begins in the little things in life,those little things which are really the big things in life. They are the start of the ripple.The power of its effect begins when we become aware of the importance of those little things and begin to appreciate them with deserved appreciation. These normal things in our lives like – What if we held that door for that old man? What if we smiled more? What if we got to know the name of barista who serves our coffee? What if we paid for the fare of one person every time we commute? What if we helped bag someone’s groceries ?What if we said something kind to just random stranger? What if our words were tempered with grace instead of madness? What if we instead of life focusing on me…….. it’s more on them? or we?–that moments in our day to day lives that we overlook so often, but truly does matter.

Little things do matter– if you happen to read this.I want you to see the good in life. I want you to believe that you can be a person that can change lives.Just by simple smiles and kind words. We have the choice to have the power to make a difference. Believe and Claim it. Do it not to please yourself and others but to please God.

Little things do matter…—make it a point everyday to choose to look beyond what you see,what you wanna see and what you feel,what you wanna feel. Instead,visualize that this world needs you to breathe grace and joy.

What we do every single day matters– Just having given another day to live we can say that we are truly blessed.May we always remember that.We might have days that we mess up (Oh goodness!!!I have a lot) but that’s what make us a normal human being. Just make sure you got up and more empowered after the fall.Make sure to look for the positive,set your mind and fix your heart into a much better haven.

Give yourself grace.Goodness starts in you and to the person beside you and then to the next.

Rippling through faith with love,


May in all things God will be Glorified

“Having a vested interest in other souls unconditionally creates a ripple effect that produces miracles in the lives of those around us.”
Molly Friedenfeld, The Book of Simple Human Truths

“Don’t look to others to give you happiness. Grow it within yourself and share it with the world around you. Bets are, if you give a bit of your happiness to the world, it will begin a ripple effect, and who knows how many other people you can help. It’s never too late to decide that your happiness (or whatever it is that you want) is yours to create and not the other way around.”
Leigh Hershkovich

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