Just wait Darling!

As a woman, sometimes I doubt and frequently I ponder on a lot of things, like destiny, time, and love? I mean Love when its true and genuine it is eternal. It is everlasting.

That is why I started sketching this. I just have this need to just vent out these uncontrollable thoughts that is constantly running through my head.

People like me and you have these ideas of perfect relationships, one after another. Some always wanted a fairy tale with a happy ending, at least for the people we love but as I checked myself right at this very moment I can definitely say not for myself. I am not there yet. Will I ever be ready? When? Why? To whom?

To justify a one good reason is impossible but I must say, as I went back and spent days with my family, traveling, seeking the next adventure for one year in Philippines.I was happy very very happy and I was complete. That is something that tethers me to a  reality that made me feel so alive. I feel the love from my parents, my sister, my childhood friends, classmates and even felt genuine love from my dogs. They love me and I love them unconditionally. They could never do anything to make me stop loving them. And they love me back, in their own unique ways.

But there is other type of love, the love I have mentioned in the very first paragraph. The what-they-called romantic love. As humans we all crave for that type of affection. It is a mystical love maybe. Like a Unicorn. Maybe I am just speaking for myself because evidently I am not in the state yet. I do believe in it. Yes I do want to believe in it, but at this point I asked myself will it really exist for me?

But I am a self-proclaimed writer (please give this one to me) 🙂 hehe! writers  are allowed to dream right? And writers should believe in all sorts of silly things. Like unicorns,fairies,time travel why not Love?

I think the term love is being used-and-abused too much. I think people have weakened its meaning. Perhaps that is what confuses a lot of us. Love is more than a word. It is a feeling, it is pure emotion. Love is not supposed to take away from who you are, but to build upon you, to nurture you. When you love someone, you inspire them to pursue the very best for them.  With your love, it should encourage and support them, no matter how crazy their dream is. You should allow them to dream in their own not  drag them into the dream you have built to yourself alone

I am a firm believer of God’s will. Yes I know I am impatient and though I doubt I have faith that God is still working on my own love story.As soon as I have it in my the palm of my hands I know it will be a blast with a loud boom every end of the chapter. Yes I am claiming it.Yes Lord. (Thank you LORD)

On a serious note,All that of the trials and heartaches that I have been through in the past existed to prepare me into much something better.Those stormy days had helped me build something in me. Like a beat box in the top of my lungs that is screaming “JUST WAIT” ‘JUST WAIT”. All day every day!

That voice inside is making me stronger and better as I constantly staring love birds and couples getting married. The more I witness those sweet scenes the more I tell myself  “Hey crazy,you are not ready yet.You gotta be prepared and reach your own peak first” Just wait darling!!!

Indeed the hardest battle is being fought from within.We just need to realize that waiting for Love is a living breathing thing and once you found it needs to be nurtured and cared for; least it may die. Do not let it die~

“Ladies, don’t get the misconception of the story of Ruth and Boaz and think a man is going to come and save you. Remember, Ruth went out to take care of herself and her mother and gathered grain from the fields.
God brought Boaz to come assist her in her life, not save her. Its a difference. No man can save you, only God can.”
Chloe M. Gooden

May in all things God will be Glorified

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