To my one and only sister ate reema. Happy Birthday. Thank you and I LOVE YOU

To say that I have the best sister is absurd because she  is more than that. She is the greatest sister that ever existed; she may not buy me fancy stuffs   but she have been giving me jewelries in life, meaningful gems for my geologically-inspired  heart. And I’ll tell you—I’ll be completely honest here—I wanted to write this blog for her not just because it’s her birthday but  to tell her how much I love her as well as how she is loved by many.

My Human Blanket

For 17 years we slept in the same bed in the same room and it was the best days of my life.  I remember when I was little girl I am always scared of lightning and thunders. Every night when it happens I always go inside her blanket and hug her tight. She always reciprocated it with comfort and love. She was and is still my human blanket.And  I thank God for that everyday.

That is why it was hard for me to adjust when I left Philippines, sleeping alone in that couch in my first night in Los Angeles was the loneliest it could get. But despite of that  the distance and time she have given me unending moral blanket and every time I go home it feels like nothing has changed at all. We still sleep together in the same room sharing stories and thoughts.

My role model in becoming the best “Dog” (Pet) Mother,

Even though our relatives in my mother’s side have been a Dog (Pet) lover ever since, It was my sister who showed me  how to consider pets as a family. And believe it or not it started with a “CAT”. She love cats more than dogs before. I remember she took “candy” (named of our pregnant cat) in our bed one night. She let her sleep with us because I think she felt that candy being a first time mom needs a comfort bed to sleep on.As the night faded, I found myself waking up and found out that Candy gave birth, my sister side of the bed was wet and covered with blood and I saw candy’s cute baby kittens. That was the first time that I saw my sister being a mom to our pets. She took all the pillows put it surrounding  candy and her babies. She was with our cat until dawn and she did not even care if my parents will scold her for the dirty blankets.

Since that time I told myself that I wanted to be like her. From spotty,piolo,toni,Pacman,maya and luna she have given her heart fully up until now to Coco and Rylai. She always make sure that they eat at least twice a day even sacrifice part of her favorite MCDO meal and gave it to them.Everyday after work she always bring a plastic of “Dinuguan” because she knows thats our dogs favorite thing to eat. She even spend some of her earnings buying dog collars,dog bowls, shampoo and medicines. She even got mad at me one time when I forgot to put water for our dogs. At night, (when we still have maya,luna and pacman) she arranged  their sleeping area in our bed and make sure there is enough space for them even if it means losing her own space.= and end up sleeping with no allowance. Twice a month,she ready our dogs for bath time and willingly indulge herself into that. There are still a lot of things that she do but one thing’s for sure she does that with her heart-open and with so much selfless love. Her love for our dogs is like a mother’s love, genuine and unconditional. That is why I completely understand her when she told me that she blamed herself when Pacman died.I may have not been there to see and mourn with her but I knew from afar that she is heartbroken. Acceptance will take time for sure but I hope and pray that one day she will stop blaming herself rather she would realize that what happened is for a reason. That Pacman died not because of her but it his time for Pacman to rest and be with his family in heaven.

My greatest confidant.

Having only one sister is not by choice but having a bestfriend and a sister all at once is a lifelong commitment. I could not deny the fact that sometimes I wish I could a brother you know like a big strong brother that can protect me everytime someone bullies me. Yeah, you know what I mean 🙂 But in the end of the day I realized that I should be thankful because God has given me a sister and confidant that has always been there for me through thick and thin (literal and not). Every Time I cried she preferred to be strong so that I won’t cry anymore. When our parents fight she always tell me not to cry. She supports my neurotic hang-ups and even let me wear her clothes,shoes and tights.You are my confidante. You are my most wild and vigilante supporter ate rema. I am always glad to be able to be a little raunchy and share secrets beyond secrets,beyond secrets with you.

Life Nurturer.

Part of who I am now is because of her. I became a “water baby” because of her. Growing up, she is always been fond of swimming, me on the other hand was  very scared of it. I remember at the beach Papa and her always go far swimming in the beach while me, left on the shallow part of the it. It was ok for me at first but seeing her enjoying so much in the water made me more enthusiast and become a water lover  as well(hard core).Other thing that my sister influenced me is her love for music. Some of you know by now that ate can sing very well and when I say that, it means that she can be the next Sarah G.not kidding at all. But being simple as she is she prefers to keep it in a low. My sister’s love for music is outstanding. Very wide and very indifferent. I think she knows how to sings all genre of music. I think! 🙂 She was the one who introduced me to alternative music. I remember this one pirated cd she always played at home. It has dishwalla,new found glory,lifehouse, blink 182,incubus and etc on it. At first I couldn’t jive with it since I am into love songs a lot (MYMP) haha lol but eventually I fell in love with it.

Thank you-Happy Birthday and I love you

Let’s just cut to the chase— Happy Happy birthday ate rema, No matter how opposite we are I want you to know that  part of me is because of you. You are like the moon and I am those stars we lit up each other’s night sky.Thank you for all the fun memories and  I’m sorry if sometimes I ever make you feel judged for your vivacity and your verve and for being you. I want you to know that  I miss cooking for you and I promise I will continue to do that for you until we grow old. Thank you for being strong for me all the time and giving me inspiration.

Today in your birthday, I want you feel that you are loved by many and by these people in the photos below who gave their time and effort just to greet you and remind you that your life gave an impact to theirsland that this world needs someone like you for it to be more beautiful.

11358758_10206364131574046_295892566_n11422229_1001240913222199_300924741_o 11427942_1001260836553540_464485117_n11119753_10207035435434203_1599748728_n11350351_10205943957632536_1928745321_n11324090_10204327932265872_1250495445_n

Here’s to the best time of our lives, to the youth camps,bible studies and fellowships that changed us  and made us to the person we are now, to our parents who have given us unconditional love even though sometimes we don’t deserve it at all. Here’s to more blessings that I know God will shower upon you, Here’s to our babies in heaven who are watching over you and to Coco and Rylai may they be more healthy and live as long as long as we are here too. Cheers to the pain and down times in the past, yes we survived it,Cheers to the past and to all the hearts that were broken but healed by God’s Grace and finally for today, for the chance to live and for tomorrow and to the next.  CHEERS and Thank you so much Lord

And to all the girls out there who happens to be a sister and/or have a sister by blood or not. May we continue to love each other like a right hand that could never existed without the left. Again for my sister REMA VIOLA VALMORIA,this is for you. Happy birthday, I love you so much.

Missing you a lot,

Mizpah a.k.a Bok

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