Manoy’s Japan Photo Journal

This Blog Post is dedicated to the Man I met in Japan 6 years ago and whom I called brother for life.  We may not related by blood but I am still blessed to call him as family.

 After being stationed in Japan both of us transferred in Hawaii (Not at the same time) but Manoy’s love for Japan never ceases and he keeps coming back because a part of his heart was left there. And as of today HE is in Japan once again for vacation. For sure he is having the time of his life (maybe not his heart) but I am convinced that this is one of the trip that he will never forget. Though I am drooling and so jealous of him being there I am still happy for him as a sister,knowing that through stick and stones He became victorious which lead him to a much wiser and mature grown up Man and I am proud to witness that myself. May you continue to grow as individual noy. 🙂

Photos Below are his recent pictures taken in Yokosuka,Japan (The place we called home for 3-4 years).

P.S I miss Japan so much that I obliged him to send me these. Lol haha!


Never hold resentments for the person who tells you what you need to hear; count them among your truest, most caring, and valuable friends.”
Mike Norton, Just Another War Story

Thank you for the trust .I am always here for you as a catalyst and as your sister

“Forever and ever, Noy until you’re sick and tired of seeing me.

Enjoy Life. Always have Faith in L<3VE

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