Strength in Weakness

This is going on in my life as I pen these words. It reminds me of what the Apostle Paul went through in his life. As a young man, Paul trained under one of the greatest Jewish scholars of his time. Paul not only understood the elements of the law, he practiced them with great zeal. Regardless of what he knew, when he came face-to-face with Jesus Christ, his life changed forever. He no longer viewed the world through merely human eyes. The One True Living God gave him spiritual insight that far surpassed anything he had ever known. This was a time of great revelation in Paul’s life.However, he didn’t understand that he had to be broken further so that he could be used in a greater way. God allowed Paul to be buffeted by a severe trial in order to humble him and remove potential pride. Through this time of weakness, Paul learned a new unexpected principle which the Bible calls weakness in strength.The greater beauty of the trial surpasses all human understanding. When God humbles

via Strength in Weakness.

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