Read between the lines.

It is really been awhile since I wrote a personal post and I am a bit upset of myself for not taking a time to pour it all out  in  one sitting.

So I guess this is it… Oh Hi Hello!!

Often times it is harder to come home  than to ” Go away”. Well I think most of us can agree with it. If  you are a traveler you’ll  know how exactly what  this means. You have experienced this quite a lot of times. You go to an unknown place and completely immersed yourself fully. Well, That’s how it all started.

Unknown because at first you have this anxiety to set foot on a new world that is strange to you, especially when you are traveling alone. You don’t know anyone, even scared of getting lost  and be short financially!! All of these and all other things make once journey worth it and all bearable.

Then the magic happens. You will just find yourself falling in love in the place especially to the people in it. You became too attached to its wonders. The beauty that lies within the lands, beneath its waters and above its clouds that covers it .. and oh the wonderful people you met along the way…..All of it.. just worked together to gave you an extraordinary trip.

Then  it’s time to go home. And you will never be the same again. Every journey that God allows you to take is there to teach you to appreciate life more. It is there to strengthen your mind and  test your heart after all the uncertainties in those strange places.

So how do you cope? how should we cope up?  Returning home is hard but in a really good fulfilled way. Though some people address the reality that coming home is often an anticlimactic end to a life-changing experience. I guess that is just the way it is.

Futhermore, those-blowing adventures in our lives are not there to  bring you back where you started—sitting on a couch, back in your apartment, or in your old bedroom, bored, anxious, and jittery. It happened because God wants you realize that  there are a lot of things that we still need to explore. That God sometimes wants you to draw back away from HIM to bring you closer to him. That He loves us so much that HE empties us,just to fill us again with overflowing grace and love.

Yes some people might not understand  the new you, They don’t even  want to hear about your time sailing the Pacific while they sat in rush hour. I know. I’ve been there.  In the end of the day, it is your life and theirs is theirs.


Set your gaze always on the horizon, looking, dreaming, and praying for another opportunity to grow and to Glorify GOD through your life.

❤ Mizpah Faih

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