Back in WordPress. So What’s new? Part 1

Exactly, one year and one month since my last post. Undeniably,It is more than a writer’s block, it is being caught up in life or merely just laziness.

So what’s new? Let me put my one year into bullets. This is not to summarize of  what transpires but this it to attempt to transcribe events so that one day I can look back,read and say “what a year!!!”

  1. 10-15  Went home to Cebu for a month, not for leisure but for my mom’s surgery. Tough days.
  2. 12-15. Cebu-Manila-Beijing-Los Angeles-Las Vegas- San Diego . One of my longest travel time so far.Probably 2nd!
  3. 12-15  Las Vegas. Met up with friends  there. Highlights (hoover dam,m&m and coke world,Criss Angel Mindfreak show)
  4. 12-15 Weekend trip at  Big Bear Lake. First snow after  3years. (Imagined an island girl tasting her first winter).That’s exactly how I felt.
  5. 12-15.  Came back to San Diego in time for holidays. Roommates were gone both Christmas  and New Year. For the first time after a very long time, I actually loved being alone  during Holiday season. I mean.  You know like the statement goes “Alone but not lonely”? Yes that!
  6. 01-16. Contentment. Real Joy. God never failed to let me feel that I am loved. He is always been constant. In fact, His love is the only constant in this  world and it gets stronger and deeper as you allow it to be. That was my year-end realization and can I say mantra for this year? Absolutely!
  7. 04-16. Fast Forward.Toronto,Canada trip. My love for Canada came by surprise. I was meaning to only just visit there to watch Hillsong United Empire Tour. I had no expectations at all until I spent  my first few days there. I could not tell you why exactly. It is if for you to experience it.
  8. 04-16 Part 2. Raining Cold.Enroute Niagara,Ontario, Me and a friend got lost or shall I say missed our train stop. We were too excited in catching up. Talking and laughing in the train!Hence, cost us time and energy after we realized that we were really lost! Good times. By the way, Niagara Falls and Niagara on the lake are tear-jerkers. I recommend everyone to go there.
  9. 05-16. Dreams do come true. Growing up in the Church, Christian music plays a vital role in keeping my own sanity. Even  during deployments Christian music is my “CHURCH”. I just simply go to my rack,close the curtains,listen to Christian songs and then praise and worship GOD in my own little ways. Yes, dreams do come true. In this month, I am so blessed to able to see Hillsong United live. I watched the concert all by myself which is also a checked on my bucket list. Talking about hitting two birds in one stone.Yay!Yes. Thank you Lord.

-To be continued.

P.S If grammar and spelling exist. My apology. Still writing in my head 🙂

Thank you and God Bless!


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