Sharp Turn

It is not new to some people when my life took its sharp turn. It was early 2008 when I left Cebu. I was that 17-year old, an island girl who stepped out from her comfort zone, leaving everything she had.

I had no choice but to drop whoever I was that time. My heart was completely devastated. I felt like I was throwing myself life into a free-fall mode not knowing where I’ll land exactly.

Everything has a reason.

Looking back, I have learned that even uncertainties became constant for me here in America, my family is with me in my journey. No matter where I am and whatever I do, my mama, papa and ate will always be with me, in my heart

Fast forward.

By God’s grace and His unfailing love for me, I started living a life away from my family. Lived in Japan and Hawaii, traveled some parts of the world, learned how to cook and even fell in love and got my heartbroken. Those were just few things that I did, which honestly, I have never dreamt of “tasting” while I was a little girl.

The independence I gained was like stripping myself of everything I have ever known. It taught me to the become the rawest version of myself, to be fearless and to be selfish to an extent (to do whatever that makes me happy). I must admit it was never a smooth sailing. It was (and still is) messy and yes sometimes it can be lonely, scary and emotional but you know it’s okay, everything was all mine to embrace.


To God be the Glory.

❤ Mizpah Faith


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