I haven’t been blogging lately so I decided to write a travel journal instead.



The 20-drive from home to the airport felt like an hour. I  felt like I am slowly exhaling all the stress and it felt good, so good!!! Also,it is gonna be my first time leaving my parents all by themselves. Well I know they’re going to be fine. 🙂


At San Diego airport now. Checked in too early.  


Boarding now. The lady in front of me brought pillow and blanket. She is so ready to sleep. I’m jealous!!😊😅 

flying alaska airlines for the first time!!

Wifi onboard.Leg room is okay!!

see you later MD and DC. I’ll be back SD



Landed Baltimore!! I didn’t sleep well because the person besides me was getting plane sick.  I just took naps wel not even power naps.😩  

Anyways, I must say that Maryland has lush of greens and the weather oh so cold! 


Now  I’m waiting for the train to Penn station. I love taking trains!!! I really do so here I am. 🤙🏻


Went to a coffee shop and they got green tea!yay im so happy and they got books too


John Hopkins University Homewood campus. So huge. Students are very formal.. I feel out of place.


Inner Harbor-Fells Point-Fort Mchenry via watet taxi


Took the train to Washington D.C. A little bit of nap here and there



Reunited with che Navy friend since 2008

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