A folly dream??

I’m a bit surprised that I haven’t wrote a single post on the month of June. Anyways, this post is just random I must say, so please bear with me if you will find this “erroneous” and “unfounded” . ——-


Do you have this someone in your life that keeps coming back in your dreams? I sure did!!! Last night, I saw him again in my dream, though  we are still “friends”  I haven’t really see him  for almost 2 years now.

What we dream is often associated with mystery. Personally, I believe that my dreams are drafted in symbols.You make take it differently but for me I have this notion  that my dreams are speaking to me though not in a linear manner.

That’s where my dilemma comes in. The idea of  him  in my dream, has led me to questioned myself. Is it really gone? because I know he definitely  has moved on.

Then the curiosity kicked in. 🙂 I googled it out.  Yes, I did for just for fun. n_________n

Here’s what is said.

If you keep dreaming about a special person, this is a serious indication that you must learn many things about them.

* Perhaps this is not the right person for you. You must understand that you will be hurt if you’ll insist on having a love relationship with them.

* Perhaps this person loves you too, but there are many complications in your way until you’ll finally have the love relationship you desire.

* Perhaps you have really found your perfect match and you must understand the importance of this meeting for your life.

* Perhaps there is someone else threatening your relationship with him/her and you must be aware of this danger.

There are numerous possibilities, depending on your case. The unconscious mind sends you many warnings when you are in danger. It also sends you many enlightening signs when you cannot believe that you have really found the ideal person for you.

Note:Whatever that is or what the future may hold (him on it or not). It’s surely safe to say that I already brushed it (my dream) off out of my head. I’m just writing this blog so that I could keep track on it one day.

By the way, If you are reading this. What are your thoughts?  Comment or send me private message please. Thank you



Mizpah Faith



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