Dear younger self.

This is a post I wrote on my birthday.
If I could send a letter to my younger self this would be it. —-
Dear little Epay,
Tomorrow you will turn 27 but I’m remembering you today when you were 7 and 17; wishing I could whisper back through the decades and tell you some things you’ve learned.
Don’t worry too much. It’s okay if you are scared to learn how to swim at a youthful age and even if you skipped your piano class that one summer time please know that life gets better every day.
Take your time. At 12, I know you think you are in love but my darling you aren’t. Well, I couldn’t blame you are young and still discovering yourself. But you know I am happy that you are going through it right now because this will be the very moment that you find out that you have a wild heart. You feel too much for things and almost in everything and it may make you think that being vulnerable is your weakness but in time you will realize that it’s the opposite.
Adventure awaits. Someday you’ll have this amazing journey ahead of you. Brace yourself! You will go places. You will meet people, awesome people. But here’s the thing that will really impress you: During your journey you will see yourself thrive and strive. Regardless of who is watching, you will see God’s work in your life and how HE makes everything come to life.
Happiness is not a circumstance, it’s a mindset. My sweet little love. I can’t promise you all bed of roses. There are times that you will bleed sweats and tears but eventually you will realize that happiness is inside of you. It will not happen overnight my love, you will have to curate happiness and learn how to fight for it in some seasons.
Sinking to the pits of despair is necessary so that you can fully grasp what a rare and shimmering gift happiness truly is. You’ll have to learn that no matter how sad you get, you can always fight your way back to happiness.
Read and enjoy young one. Don’t think about your future too much. I am so HAPPY today. You will be HAPPY by GOD’s grace.
Your older self.

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