How to Become a Virtual Assistant with No Experience

So, you want to be a virtual assistant (VA) but have absolutely no experience? No problem! The truth is, you don’t need to be a veteran VA to start working as a virtual assistant. In fact, many people start from scratch and build lucrative careers.

Keep in mind, it will take hard work. You can’t expect that if you decide to become a VA work will magically fall into your lap. However, you can become a successful VA with the right combination of dedication, determination, and enthusiasm (which should be no problem — after all, these are common traits of superstar VAs!) Read more..

Why should I become a Virtual Assistant

a Virtual Assistant is generally self-employed and provides professional services. Here are the reasons why you become a Virtual Assistant? View here…

Freelancing Today!

One of the biggest questions beginning freelancers have is whether or not freelancing is a good choice for a long-term career. Well, I can go and on about how profitable freelancing is, how everyone will be working from home in the future, or why it’s better than working at Apple.

Instead, I decided to gather some evidence and prove to you that freelancing is a more stable way to work than most other jobs. Here’s proof. Read more..

Dear younger self.

If I could send a letter to my younger self this would be it. —-     Dear little Epay,   Tomorrow you will turn 27 but I’m remembering you today when you were 7 and 17; wishing I could whisper back through the decades and tell you some things you’ve learned. Read more..


Now that you’re in somebody else’s shore.
Did you ever look back and wonder how you survived?
How we survived?
Because if you were to ask me then, I could’ve told you;

Read more..

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