A folly dream??

I'm a bit surprised that I haven't wrote a single post on the month of June. Anyways, this post is just random I must say, so please bear with me if you will find this "erroneous" and "unfounded" . -------   Do you have this someone in your life that keeps coming back in your …

Dear younger self.

This is a post I wrote on my birthday. If I could send a letter to my younger self this would be it. ---- Dear little Epay, Tomorrow you will turn 27 but I’m remembering you today when you were 7 and 17; wishing I could whisper back through the decades and tell you some …


Now that you're in somebody else's shore. Did you ever look back and wonder how you survived? How we survived? Because if you were to ask me then, I could've told you; -- Darling, I gave it all just for you to get there. I gave up just for you to get to her. -HISBride

Take Control.

Society is constantly telling us that we are supposed to fall apart every time our hearts get broken. Now if you are reading this  and going through the same state, please know that you don't have to don't have to fall apart just to be whole again. ❤ Mizpah Faith


Pleasantly dispassionate Comfortably outdone This is who i have become Adequately unemotional Half-hearted and numb Oh love what have you done? -HISBride