Now that you're in somebody else's shore. Did you ever look back and wonder how you survived? How we survived? Because if you were to ask me then, I could've told you; -- Darling, I gave it all just for you to get there. I gave up just for you to get to her. -HISBride

Take Control.

Society is constantly telling us that we are supposed to fall apart every time our hearts get broken. Now if you are reading this  and going through the same state, please know that you don't have to don't have to fall apart just to be whole again. ❤ Mizpah Faith


Pleasantly dispassionate Comfortably outdone This is who i have become Adequately unemotional Half-hearted and numb Oh love what have you done? -HISBride


Ah! It's been awhile. Let's just say that "adulting" took an interesting turn this past few weeks. So, I’m back once again writing freely! (Sort of) However, I’m not here to bore you with specific details about my life.  With that said, I am writing this post not to play like a  Love Guru or some sort but …


Transitory. Reality is, at one point all of "these" will cease and the time of its cessation is uncertain. Now, if you are reading this I hope and pray  that you will be victorious in losing yourself in the midst of God's love. I pray that you will find yourself accomodating all of the happiness …